Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bob Hairstyles: Are They For yourself?

Halle Berry's new Bob Hairstyle for Vogue's September Cover

Celebrity plumber Oribe can't help himself lately when it comes to recreating bobbed hairstyles! Last month it had been Scarlett Johannson who debuted an altogether brand new long bob hairstyle Oribe built and now it's Halle Berry wearing a different head-turning short bob hairstyle!

Adore these chic new baby trend hairdo he created for Halle Berry's include shoot on Vogue's September problem! Halle has never been one to disassociate with changing her hairstyle which shorter bob haircut by using bangs looks marvelous for my child.
Oribe said the clothes for the shoot for the September issue of Vogue, inspired him to complement this look with flat, straight hair with delicate, moveable bangs.

Get the look:
You want to create the smoothest, flattest appear you can so put your current volumizing products aside for the moment. Strike dry smooth, use a removing serum if needed. Spray with a arctic protecting spray and sleek with a flat-iron.

We first observed these new long out of cash bob hairstyles on Scarlett finally of July. I have to declare, it's not my favorite, but it is a whole new and unique bob hair cut having its tattered, uneven ends. Oribe have started something here when you look at the following celebrities that have jumped on the band-wagon with the new bobs.

Who can wear these kinds?
Oribe says it can look good with everybody. He says you can modify the layering to fit your unique hair texture. If you have curly hair he suggests decreasing this less jagged therefore, the line is still left strong. The rear is cut slightly smaller than the sides.

Get the look:
If your hair is naturally wavy, just let it air-dry. You can use a volumizing aerosol or root lifter to add bloatedness like; TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Origin Boost Spray If you have straighter locks, Oribe suggests using a volumizing spray and drying hair upside down with no hair dryer . If you want much more curl, use a curling flat iron from the mid-shaft of your hair and then leave the ends out. Abandon some straightness to the hair so it will be more modern. Here is another superstar who just recently took this plunge into the new look.


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