Monday, April 30, 2012

Using Black Blazer

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How To Use Black Blazer

Today we will talk about how to use black blazer. With the same garment can create totally different styles, you just need some imagination to do so. Cheer up!

Bright Dress

The beautiful Sandra Bullock can never look bad, but here it takes several points in its favor because it has managed to combine a formal style with a touch of casual. It looks elegant, classy but without losing that youthful and fresh side that makes it so successful. This option is ideal for a cocktail at night. You just have to go with black shoes with a classic that never go out of style.

Black Skinny Jeans

There is no way to look more comfortable and easy wearing pants that fit to your figure. My personal recommendation is that the pattern or color variation is imposed on the shirt you will wear underneath. My advice ? The stripes are a very trendy concept that goes perfectly with this type of outfit for a night of bar with friends.

Maxi Skirt

Perhaps this is the latest combination of all that we raised. If you really are a girl who is aware of the latest, you know that maxi skirts are the new fashion statement. Try to be attentive to the proportions are critical. If the skirt is wide looking for the blazer is a bit more fitted to keep track of your figure.

Floral Dress

Ideal for those spring and summer seasons is a floral dress. While most of the prints will look with a blazer, the ideal is to find those with the black background for greater visual harmony. Many short and long, should always be accompanied by a short jacket.

Classic Jeans

Pippa Middleton has proved to be one of the new casual style references. When using blue jeans is more freedom. You can combine the blazer with the latter's shoes or the shirt you wear on. A few accessories that give the final touch to the look and you're ready to make all purchases necessary.

Trendy 2012 Peacock Blue

Hot Fashion Trends

Trendy 2012 Peacock Blue

The peacock blue  is literally translated into Spanish as "peacock". This animal marked a trend in designs on the runways and now appears with its own color. The tone is more than striking, with a palette that can vary in degrees of intensity. It is one of the trendy colors 2012.

Experts describe it as blue tinged with a touch of green, perfect for any season. Let us see what items you have selected for you.


Silk has begun to be a must-have of 2012. The high cut legs and elephant make your look has a retro twist, typical of the 70. My recommendation is that you use for work or attending a cocktail with friends. How to combine? Faci, just pick a baggy shirt of neutral tones. The clear as ivory, white or cream you feel good.


We always need to have a formal alternative within the colors. If you approach a party in your life, you get a dress in this color to highlight trends and forget for a moment the dull black. Ideally, you dare to wear it without stockings, even the boldest dare to merge with patterned stockings and shoes, semi formal, obtaining a Gothic-modern look.


Again the high shot as a trend. Remember that if you take it to the waist, is best left to be relatively wide in the leg to avoid deforming the shape. I bet seems ideal for bright colors in the top, creating a costume rather than shocking. Where do you print your trademark? Easy, on your belt.


Speaking of belts we find the small details. As we know there are girls who do not dare to flooding of this color or that just do not feel well, we also added subtle touches. If you wonder how to include this accessory is that you really have no imagination. Believe me it is more combinable than you think. Classic Jeans, white t r, there is always an option.


Another great accessory is this beautiful pendant. Have scheduled a wedding ? I know that you dare to transgress because you're more classical type, therefore, to have that dress in your closet you can add a touch only with this trendy necklace. A secret? Feel perfect girls with light eyes.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fashion Haircuts For Men 2012

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Fashion Haircuts For Men 2012

Today we present for men too can be always in fashion some of the clearest trends in fashion haircuts for men 2012, which can be seen in some of the most influential male celebrities in fashion today, as it is they who indicate that better takes and not every new season.

As you can see there are three kinds of haircuts that are primarily the main characters this season.
One of them is loss of hair in two long, that are committed to keep their hair very short on the sides and longer on the central strip of the head, allowing full of style and hair movement.
Another leading current trends are long layered cuts, as this type of cut can be seen in a huge number of our favorite idols. It is especially recommended for cutting kids hair gently undulating to straight.
While those who prefer an intermediate style may benefit from wearing your hair in a more intermediate and long so that there is much contrast between the center and sides.

What we choose the cut you choose, the tendency is to take a look messy, as this season is a commitment to look as natural as possible.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

How To Use Neon Colors

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How To Use Neon Colors

The neon color is fashionable, Yes. But encourage us : is very difficult to combine, in particular, if you use Classic colors and different patterns. You calm! Today I will comment some very interesting tips on how to use neon colors.

They are suggestions to bear in mind before look very striking and bold hue. Just need a little courage : something neon any look can be really great. Take a look at these ideas!

Where To Use Neon ?


If you wear shoes neon, best thing is to opt for a completely black look. You must be a true lady in black until the last hair. It is a very simple and effective highlight footwear and ensure that all eyes focus way where there is brightness.

The nails are another way to wear neon shades. In them we can look so attractive and eye-catching colors as you want. They can be combined with any garment of clothing that is used and no doubt also can wear a color very bright neon!


The idea is to encourage to look much color on the lips and show a truly extravagant makeup. For the night is perfect!


You can be more flexible. It is not necessary to wear a completely black look to highlight the accessory, especially when it comes to handbags. You can cheer with a little white, salmon and even orange. These colors will go perfectly with any tone neon you prefer to use.


With courage you can also use neon in the pants : for the night, for the day it doesn't matter! Knowing how to combine them can be really wonderful. That Yes, I recommend that you use pants skinnies and questioned jean if possible. To achieve a more pleasing appearance and provide a more comfortable texture.

Roberto Verino Summer Dresses 2012

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Roberto Verino Summer Dresses 2012

Today we present a collection of dresses for the summer season 2012 of Roberto Verino which is perfect for those who enjoy being stylish and fashionable in the day to day, as it is a collection consisting mainly of dresses look easy, relaxed and very comfortable, but thanks to style holders that are available for adoption for events that require a little more elegance as well.

As you can see and as we mentioned in each of the designs comes together elegance and beauty without too much effort, because the designs are defined by simple lines tending to minimalist.

The greatest touch of class and style you come to put however prints and bright colors, because in general the print collection in floral prints and stripes are irregular to impose popularity as well as do strong colors like fuchsia which can be seen combined with a host of other nuances.

For those interested in more details about this collection, we invite you to see the pictures and then leave them as a presentation of the catalog of Roberto Verino for the summer season 2012.

Kiabi Catalog Summer 2012

Hot New Fashion Trends

Kiabi Catalog Summer 2012

No doubt if there is a firm where all female tastes can be satisfied, that is certainly Kiabi, and that through its collections not only offers a very extensive range of clothing and shoes, but also offers all the necessary so that our look will be the envy of many. Since all proposals from the smallest to the largest have a high dose of style and creativity, two qualities that we all wear when. A clear example is the catalog of the firm for summer season 2012, which may be discovered along this post.

As you can see there are proposals not only for various tastes, but also give us proposals for different sizes and ages, so that both young and not so young and the not so skinny and thin to feel beautiful, elegant and very comfortable on the various occasions they arise.

In addition to Kiabi as each season delights us with its modern design and come in a very high value on price, allowing us to fashion ourselves but for this we must break our savings.

Below you can see in photos some of the many proposals Kiabi us for the summer season 2012, and clicking on the images of interest can see them enlarged size.


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