Friday, March 2, 2012

Metal Tipped Shoes Trends 2012

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Metal Tipped Shoes Trends 2012

It was not a fan of pointed shoes until I met them, metal tipped shoes. I loved! This is one of the latest trends in women shoes 2012 brands like Louis Vuitton has included in its new collections and more women fashionistas of the world are wearing on your feet. We know !
Metal Tip Shoes

The metal tip shoes, also called peek-shoes are stylish and also provide us with a subtle touch of modern punk and very new. But, as in any shoe design that is becoming trend, many models available.
One version that is causing a stir is the peek of Nowhere shoes thrown by the Swedish fashion blogger, Eilin Kling, in collaboration with designer Nhu Dong. This is botinetas to the ankle, closed, black leather, and the creative detail of an opening that exposes part of the instep. And the metal tip present, of course.

Monica Sors mesvoyagesaparis fashion blog ahead of us this trend, showing the same design of Nowhere. They look great!

Combining Metal Tipped Shoes

She combined with a mint green lace top, a pastel yellow scarf and a black skirt drop tail hem, short front and long behind, another trend that comes with it. Without doubt, a perfect look to go out, do not you think?

Anyway, the shoes peek can be combined with any outfit. We have seen that are great with skirts tail hem ... Well also look well with jeans, leggings, baggy pants, pencil skirts and skirts with stockings.

Be inspired by the images.

The Brands And Shoes Peek

For the most sophisticated and glamorous, and also have saved some cuaaantos billetines, these metal toed shoes are present in the Summer 2012 collection for

Louis Vuitton.

If you want a lot cheaper option, you will find very similar patterns in Zara.

Do want to have? I do!

To be 100% to fashion, we could combine a peek shoes with colorful pants, shirts, tribal, and perhaps some accessory peacock blue, the color is.


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