Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunglasses 2012 in Stella McCartney

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Fashion Sunglasses 2012

With a long summer ahead of him, and many people still have not taken your vacation, we want to bring you today, some proposals sunglasses stylish, as is the case of Stella McCartney's collection for this 2012.
The brand has focused on distributing the functionality and fashion, as best as possible, betting that each pair of glasses, then look to the person who wears really highlighted, but at the same time, protect the view that is most important.

Models lean toward the vintage segment, featuring rounded designs, but cuneate on the ends, providing a more extravagant and at the same time, covering more area to cover the eye.

As always, in addition to simple frames, you can find other more convoluted, with bold patterns in strong colors, ideal to wear a look carefree, fun and very cool.
But, how could it be otherwise, the designs of classic glasses such as polarized gradient, with a very thin frame or no, are one of those models, which like the Flyers, not lacking in any season, plus that in their methods, we close variants, ideal for the most demanding customers.


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