Sunday, April 8, 2012

5 Street Styles Original To The City

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5 Street Styles Original To The City

In case you did not know, I love to analyze Street Style! And I bet you too. I think fashion is of critical praise and a variety of opinions that we certainly can not miss once a street style appears before our eyes.

Today I will propose some very specific looks. 5 original street style to the city really captivating. A bit of Milan, Paris and London. What more could you want?

Check out these styles and decide which one is your favorite!

Warm Colors and Patterns

The first street style that I have presented is a warm combination of prints and color canaries. A really nice combination and very attractive for those who do look like extravagant textures and patterns on the legs.

As a final touch, a Chanel style purse, a pair of heels and some accessories have been chosen this visionary fashion has decided to incorporate into your look. What about them?

Striped Sweater and Oxford Pants

How about this Paris? Simple, yes, but still very stylish brand for the city. Chose a very traditional striped sweater, in lavender and black, oxford jeans and a leather wallet in brown spent. A mid-season street style for very casual but still very interesting also.

Wool Hat and Skirt

What a combination, right? Layered skirt, high heels, leggings, scarf and a wool cap. Only in Paris! It is a truly youthful look, flashy, but with calm and mild colors well. Ah! And do not forget to highlight the adorable pompom hat has his, no doubt fantastic! Now the big question, do you wear it you encourage the city?

Color Nude and Skinny Jeans

We went from Paris to London, one of my favorite cities and one of the most innovative fashion sources worldwide. The proposal of this young Londoner is a bright blue skinny jeans, a coat in nude very classic and a very interesting pattern in their shoes. Long live the moon!

How about this street style ?

Colored Suits

Yes it is true that color suits are not so fashionable this season. But apparently London takes into account this trend, and the combination of wearing the same color with a pair of good shoes is well criticized. The volunteer for this photograph is decided by the green, a little beige accessories and a lace shirt underneath.

Do you think it is too much?

Here I leave you more examples if you have not yet decided :

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