Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hair Trends 2013

Trends Haircuts & Hairstyles

Hair Trends 2013

If you have already questioned the idea that this year will be the last to use the hair that way and he finally dares to make the jump to make a change in their appearance, for then you will want to give you a look at some of hair trends, to be used in 2013.
For example, as color is concerned, the dark tones and black hair, dark brown and red cherry, lost much strength, becoming more vibrant tones used as the blond intense, both the clear, as the golden aged, while the red will be used to assimilate looking natural redheads.

Caramel and honey, two tones will be highly sought after because they transmit energy, are very warm and very tasteful.

For the long, usually all they want, or long hair or short, but for fashion 2013, the ideal length will be about four inches below the shoulders. That midpoint, will play more with the ways of the hair, while mean more attention to when choosing hairstyles.

On the cover we saw a wonderful trend, which is the starting straight hair in a dark and go curling halfway, taking notes also clear honey color.
Most of the textures of the hair tends to point towards the natural, forgetting the intense and giving way to the waves without judgment and naturalness, make do with what you have and without much use of special creams or apparatus.


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