Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Street Styles For Rainy Days

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Street Styles For Rainy Days

Rainy days are complicated to follow the latest fashion trends, but nothing is impossible! And combining a lot of sexy clothes, the right colors, and helping with the odd addition, we can certainly shape the hottest outfits.

While every week I propose a different street style so they can innovate the closet, now in my proposal will be directed only to the complicated days of storm, which is why I will propose 3 street styles for rainy days.

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First Look

Since the days of rain usually opt for dark colors look dull, my proposal is as follows. Break the pattern ! Transform your look, and bears the most striking and original garments that poseeas.
Like what? This fun costume. Very young and daring each other, but we must admit that the yellow leather jacket, black leather bag, umbrella and Pikachu are the most striking accessories and fun for all. No? What about, then. Would you would you encourage ?

Second Look

For my second idea, I am in favor of light colors, relaxed and in tune with the weather. After all ... We must also vary a bit ! The idea then is that even on rainy days, use open platforms, long jackets, and for that matter, an elegant umbrella.

The second idea, meanwhile, is more winter, but in any form is really fantastic. Just a warm long coat, a bag of black leather leggings, and a splendid rubber rain boots. Great look !

Third Look

Color, color and more color! Well, yes. After all, who said you can not look strong shades on a cloudy day ? Thus, water in a green jacket, matching shoes, a classic shirt, some black leggings or pants, and a traditional umbrella shape without a doubt the perfect look to color a dull rainy day.

Even if you prefer, you can complement your outfit giving color to your feet. How about water boots like these ? Colorful and fantastic!

Finally, remember to take into account some of the ideas proposed by these street styles and implement them in your own image with the most similar items you find in your closet. Sure, it will not be difficult

Do you have your favorite ?


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