Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mango Winter 2013 Catalog

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Mango Winter 2013 Catalog Advance

Mango always delighted with their new collections, offering and quickly setting new trends that we see in the streets, put in all women who dress like modern, fashionable and above all attractive, because that is always the goal first. Let's see a preview of Mango winter 2013 catalog.

From the hand of the beautiful model Anna Selezneva is that Mango is proposing for next winter, connect with an entirely related to the male, but on this occasion, he has sought the opposite view, creating a delicious contradiction, make women we dress of generals and sergeants.

The entire collection around round black, dark blue, khaki, nude, green and all the colors associated with military gear. Fleece vests, classic coats with gold buttons all contribute to the designs, which already are very easy to associate with the military style.
Femininity begins to appear in blouses, shirts, shirts and pants, where the woman designs resurface, while maintaining the color trends in the same 3 0 4 already mentioned.
Finally, what makes the difference; accessories. Gino provide female, the external image of women, which is contrasted by the femininity and the coldness of the outfit. Without doubt, a fantastic mix, it will be worth testing in a few months.


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