Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Naf Naf Clothing Summer

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Naf Naf Clothing Summer 2012

NAF Naf with so many firms of the time lead to what is fashion summer 2012; Since it presents in its collection for this season a huge diversity of styles and clothes that give life to set ideal to adopt if they are to the last step of the fashion dress.
Excelling in this collection primarily filled with dynamic light fabrics, delicate embroidery giving life to irresistibly beautiful fabrics, lacework adding style and good taste to many ends of sleeves and arenas, prints and stripes animal print and belts at the waist with an emphasis in one of the most female points of our body.

In addition to the vast majority of the garments found in the podium of fashion; so not to be surprise of the high prominence that have in this collection the monkeys, waist skirts, maxi dresses, loose blouses, mini shorts and mini dresses with pleated or flyers.

Below for more details we invite you to see the photos that we leave them with some of the most outstanding datasets provided by Naf Naf to enjoy the summer 2012.


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