Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Fashion Shoes 2013

Hot New Fashion Trends

2013 Summer Fashion Shoes

The trends in shoes, are without doubt one of the most varied, allowing us to visit various styles, sizes and heights. That is why today we wanted to introduce this post through some major shoes trends summer 2013.

Which stand as we highlighted the wide range of styles and designs that run, as they share the tendency towards metallic shades, betting heavily on silver and gold tones.

Plus it can be seen as more shoes in general are filled with an enormous amount of detail and colorful accessories, with highlights and to add volume to them.

The buckles, sequins, chains, tassels and metal fixtures are some of the details you will find more preferably this summer season 2013, as can be seen on the catwalks and most distinguished collections of modern fashion.

As will be appreciated can see in the pictures below we present, which are highly representative of the summer fashion 2013. And of which may already be choosing your favorite style, if they enjoy going one step ahead of fashion, since there is something for everyone.


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