Friday, February 10, 2012

8 Recruit Let You Stay Away From Hair Bifurcate

The hair bifurcate trouble? Cut also rise too much trouble! Now it is the season of hair sere biforked. For beautiful to love people, bifurcate is a disturbing things. A lot of long hair girl hair bifurcate, often oneself start work cut open fork part, think so, found that will soon have a new split ends. The reporter with experts in communication in understanding arrives, the hair points after the fork, if oneself start work cut, it is easy to hurt the hair structure. 
In fact, lead to the dry hair out fork for many reasons, such as nutrition, chemical material damage, insolation, long-term smoking, lack of sleep. But also can easily avoid bifurcation. 
It said the how to avoid the fork of the hair 
(1) do not pay too much for the hair chemical processing, for example give or have a permanent wave, bleaching hair, catch hair and the excessive use of hair dryer, etc. 
(2) avoid the summer the sun blazed by strong. The hair is mainly made up of proteins, amino acid and protein by half of amino acid in combination and into, ultraviolet radiation, will resolve their combination, so will cause hair dry, bifurcate and fracture. 
(3) avoid improper use of shampoo. Bring about a hair to hair be destroyed, increase the risk of bifurcation produce. 
(4) to assure enough sleep time, prevent excessive fatigue. 
(5) avoid by sea erosion. Because in the sea salt too high, it will corrosion hair.
(6) the long hair, to avoid hair bifurcate, best 40 days or so cut a hair tip, and switch to oilseed shampoo, appropriate for oil on a regular basis. 
(7) often use BinMao brush massage scalp, promote the blood circulation, stimulate oil secretion. 
(8) every time hair drier, have to get wet hair, avoid by all means blow when the hair is dry. 
How, learned? This a few action also need to worry fork? So simple coup, which saves the time every time long reduced trouble, and can save time and money. Starting from the daily life, far away from the split ends.


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