Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dry Hair And How To Care? Dry Hair Care Tips

Low winter temperatures, the air cold and dry, the hair of moisture easily lost, the phenomenon of apparent dry hair, dry hair in winter so how care is also a lot of people concern. Here, a good head Portal will dry the hair care and how this care, I will introduce several key points, hoping to help a friend solve this dry hair troubles.

Hair and skin, if the water shortage, not full, soft, moisture is the hair tips. The moisture will be effective remedy for hair and hair problems, hair care method to correct and appropriate hair care products to restore hair shiny and glossy. At the same time, also need to pay attention to some of the details of life, but also how to help solve dry hair extensions care problem.

In general, dry hair need to pay attention to the following main aspects:

1, ground movement

Exercise can improve blood supply to the hair, exercise, air ions can be accelerated to some extent the metabolism of the scalp to reduce dandruff formation, fatigue, insomnia can cause hair loss, through exercise, can effectively remove fatigue, relieve stress , improve sleep, for the hair to create a healthy spiritual environment.

2, scalp massage

Appropriate to do some head massage, or wide tooth comb gently comb the hair, scalp to toil day to relax. Some brands of comb can play professional calm, soothing effect, even for some hot heads boil, redness, etc. are very effective.

3, to avoid hot, dyed, blow

Dry winter in particular, need attention, often blowing hot air will destroy the hair tissue, scalp injury, and occasionally a need to worry about, but should be allowed to use the hair dryer when about 30 cm away from the hair, and to minimize the air temperature. Perm, hair dye hair larger impact on every hot hair dye will be to the detriment of the expense.

4, to maintain an appropriate shampoo frequency

Easy sweating in summer, many people develop a habit of shampoo every day, summer, autumn and winter this habit to be tolerated. Frequency of winter shampoo is best controlled at 3 Tianyi wash. Winter weather is dry, the hair becomes more fragile and therefore, will make hair loss shampoo too often serious. In addition, efforts to control shampoo, do not vigorously rub.

5, nutritional supplements

Should eat more rich in iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin a, b, c of the food, the hair of moisture mainly obtained from the diet, eat more beneficial nutrients for the hair, more personal care, avoid greasy and spicy, but also help fight the phenomenon of dry hair.

In short, dry hair phenomenon is more common symptoms of a hair, if not timely and effective treatment, it is likely to cause deterioration of hair health, so we have to understand how dry the hair care, hair care more, to avoid damage to healthy hair!


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