Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maintain the Hair Extensions During the Summer

Hair extensions maintenance poses in hot or cold is complicated during the summer.
While the Sun is shining and we decided to make hammock on the beach, our extensions of hair their fragile has each ray of the Sun.
Be aware that the rays of sun drying extensions. Limestone and salt in sea water can tangled your extensions. It is the same for swimming pool water is also composed of chlorine. Keep your beautiful hair during the summer by adopting certain basic rules.

-During attached swimming your extensions, the ideal is to make a braid to avoid your hair tangle or breaks with the contact of the salt sea or pool chlorine.
-Wash your extensions of hair with a mild Shampoo (without Glycerin, without silicone) the ideal remains a shampoo special hair extensions.
-Apply a shampoo to untangle your hair.
-Avoid hot showers after a long exposure, a cold water rinse will help your additions and extensions maintain its natural brilliant.
-Store your dry hair in the summer and dry your extensions in the open air a small vacation will make them feel better.
-Consider the essential oil treatment. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, or then the olive oil are the best treatment of this summer season. After each exposure to the Sun massage your scalp and your extensions.
- And finally don't forget a good hydration is also the health of your hair.

Some brands during the summer out of special lines to the Sun such as l ' Oréal then not go next!
Don't forget the extensions are as our real hair so take care!


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