Thursday, February 2, 2012

Japan and South Korea the latest Hair Care and Maintenance of Autumn and Winter

They all want a healthy scalp

Used to always think, is the concept of hair care. But now, the idea has been made by Japan and South Korea Girls break. They will be the most attention to the scalp care! Specifically, for scalp massage!

We must first understand the scalp

A healthy scalp color slightly green. Under the scalp gathered numerous sebaceous and sweat glands, but also full of hair follicle. While the scalp of the outer layer is composed of the sebum membrane and normal bacteria formed a natural defense system, to resist foreign invasion.

Combing the scalp to promote blood circulation

Scalp care need not be carried out every day, once a week for centralized care enough. Selection of the comb head is preferably circular wide comb. First of all, patting scalp numbers from front to back, then the direction of hair growth along the comb a few, in the hair root part, can be made to comb, to stimulate the scalp to promote blood circulation of scalp, allegedly at bedtime comb, more significant effect.

Weekly smear scalp care products

On the scalp care products, the main role is to help regulate scalp hair follicle and its surrounding conditions, nursing liquid containing many nutritional components, such as vitamin B5, a variety of plant extracts and other trace elements, can by hair follicles absorb, inhibit excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, in order to protect and strengthen the hair follicles of the normal operation of.

Easy, simple! At home can also do scalp SPA

Easy to learn the one-minute scalp SPA massages, from the fundamental nursing hair, just a minutes!

1, after shampooing and coins the size of scalp care cream, several times to put directly on the scalp, and then as the head, with his fingers gently wipe the uniform.

2, two thumb belly according to both temples, along the way, the head top pressing, each time moving around 2 cm.

3, the hair on the Indian Department ( center line ), belly with your fingers gently press, a little to the left and right sides of the pressing, do 2-3.

4, belly with your fingers gently press the scalp. First from the hairline, slowly to the head, and then is afterbrain spoon. Repeat 6 times.

5, use finger comb, hair, about 10 times to do.

6, finger banging with tap on the entire head, so that the scalp relaxation.

Finally, the hair pulling up catch into a bundle, put down slowly, not to stimulate the scalp, the scalp gently to natural state.


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