Monday, February 6, 2012

Hair Care These 6 Secrets You Have To Know

Who ten health standards, the ninth is the hair shiny, no dandruff. A healthy scalp is related to the physical health event, China has more than half of adults in scalp health problems. The scalp has been covered in hair, into a piece of secret zone.

Decrypt the secret

We can use the hand to touch is scalp cortical part, this layer is also most of the scalp care products can protect part. The outermost layer of a scalp sebum membrane and normal bacteria formed a natural defense system, to resist foreign invasion.

A healthy scalp colour is slightly pink meat, subcutaneous accumulation of numerous sebaceous glands, sweat glands and hair follicles of tens of thousands of. The number of follicles and density at birth has been decided, but each hair follicle in people's life in about 20 hair can grow.

Therefore, after the adult scalp hair follicle number does not increase, it will reduce gradually. The new supersedes the old. Normal scalp for 16 to 25 days, every hair volume in the 40-100 root. If you want to know better his scalp condition, can pass through the scalp testing machine to make more detailed analysis, to find an antidote against the disease appropriate scalp conditioning hairdressing products.

Expert doubts about hair 6 big problems

1 anti-dandruff hair conditioner to be coated on the scalp

No dandruff function for Scalp Conditioner, no effect, so do not have to deliberately on the scalp. But there are also functions of conditioner, must come into contact with the scalp can play anti-dandruff efficacy, therefore should be coated on the scalp.

2 Scalp Oil multiple hormone disorders

Sebaceous glands can produce many sebum mainly genetically determined, and with the in vivo androgen levels vary, as a concrete manifestation of the age increase the oil to reduce. In addition, a good rest and diet also helps reduce the greasy status.

3 scalp itching except for the scalp disease itself, will be subject to seasonal effects

In normal shampoo frequency may still occur in the scalp itching, this is caused by a fungus in response to stimuli, but not clean enough, should consider using a dandruff shampoo. If there is a seasonal pruritus, may also be individual susceptibility, attention should be paid to relieve anxiety, to maintain a relaxed mood.

4 shampoo is disabled when the fingernails scratching

Fingernail scratching can cause scalp injury, causing infection, the scalp is a growing problem, may also be due to hair pulling. In the use of anti-dandruff shampoo products, the right shampoo is: first in the palm, rub out the rich shampoo foam, reoccupy finger appropriate massage scalp, to achieve full clean and dandruff effect.

5 scalp is general second thin skin

Scalp thickness is only 1 / 50 of foot skin, is general second thin skin, next to the skin around eyes. Therefore, the eye week skin, scalp need to be more careful than facial skin care.

6 overlooked injury

Hustle and bustle of life and work, so that modern people are confronted with more pressure, psychological pressure first perception of body parts is the head, the first performance out of the discomfort is scalp problems. Different from common skin problems, skin is not so obviously, many people even have the scalp diseases, because there is no obvious symptoms and not even know it. When the scalp dandruff, itching, dry appearance, oil, pain and other problems, these are the concentrated expression of scalp discomfort.

The pollution of the external environment with the pressure brought to scalp pincer attack from both inside and outside, the external pollution sources are mainly divided into four categories: originates from the scalp skin debris and sweat in the component; bacteria and other microorganisms will sebum catabolism after product; deposition on the hair of various particles or contaminants ( such as dust, suspended particles, rain the compounds ); hairdressing product residues.


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