Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daily Hair Care should Pay Attention to what? Daily Hair Care of Seven Essentials

Good hair is raised come out, good hair net always pay more attention on the health effects of hair care hair, many hair out, with daily hair care have close reason, then, if you want to make a hair more healthy, then our daily hair care should pay attention to what?
In general, the hair itself is very fragile, easily influenced by outside factors, so in order to hair health considerations, we should also pay more attention to hair care, in order to avoid let the hair be hurt. Then, the daily hair care should pay attention to what? Generally speaking, there are mainly the following seven points:
1 Warm water shampoo. Some people like shampoo with hot water, hot water can give you a fresh, but it will take natural hair "umbrella" -- the sebum. The best option is to warm water shampoo, after each shampoo with finger pulp massage a few minutes, can promote the blood circulation of the head.
2 Election of shampoo. Go to the supermarket to buy shampoo may wish to pay more attention to silicone wash hair care products, this kind of composition includes two methyl silicone, ring two methyl silicone and other. They can form a layer of film on the surface of hair, make hair look plump and not greasy.
3 Diet will lead to hair loss. Long term do not eat the staple food, weight loss will bring big hair side effects. A deficiency of zinc, protein and other nutrients can cause hair shedding, fragile, easily broken. It is recommended to eat more foods rich in protein, such as fish and beans, and green leafy vegetables and carrots also strengthen scalp stratum corneum health quality choice.
4 Hair dryer hair hurt. Often use the hair dryer hair drying will lead to hair loss. Whether the hair is fine is coarse, hair are very sensitive to heat, in need of tender loving care. Recommendations for the use of low-grade hot, blowing hair before can use little disposable conditioner to protect hair.
5 Reduction of hair number. The frequent hair will grow hair by pulling out the chance of scalp, so do not be too frequent hair, hair and more hair, the more. To avoid the wet hair comb, hair is best to use a round tooth comb, to reduce hair" pull".
6 Braids. Braid tied too tightly, the hair will have persistent pulling, cause hair loss.
7 Hair coloring colors have exquisite. Suggest the best choice to hair color, hair coloring agent before use, must do a skin allergy test. Make sure not to integrate different types of hair coloring agent is mixed use, so as to avoid the allergy. Some so-called pure natural plant hair coloring agent, still containing hydrogen peroxide for bleaching the hair color of the strong oxide, will severely damage the hair.
In short, hair care we need careful treatment, many serious problems are from some small problems to the development of the hair, to keep healthy, we must understand the daily hair care what should be paid attention to, and to check erroneous ideas at the outset!


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