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Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2011 2012

Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2011 2012

All fashion trends Fall Winter 2011 2012 in one big file. Here are your new tablets of the law fashion, your new Bible bedside for the season.

Give you as much color from the outset, nothing new for forecasts from 2011 to 2012. Little new, and many repetitions of déjà vu - in the end you really feel that the creators turn loop. This loss of speed also results in a scattering of styles. You will see, it spans the years and trends as a fashionista somewhat schizophrenic. But this leveling at least deserves to go further in finding the mix of materials and printed. The mixtures are really searched and patchworks of leather-fur-python for example, manage to be surprisingly harmonious. To figure it out, you were all so well ranked by trends, by forms and colors. Take notes, the list goes on!

The 40's

In full post-war style with Mad Men tries to drill again. Build broad lines and high waist structured sleeves 'elbow length' and skirts pencil, it is the female version. In men, the three-piece suit with white stripes give a serious look mafioso. It is feminine with a belt at the waist thin, colorful accessory and a neck lavaliere example. Another plus: vinyl gloves.

The 60's

Atmosphere babydoll , icon Twiggy, dresses Courreges. No doubt we are in the sixties. The collar Claudine 's been foreshadowed the return of the look of little girl. In addition to the Cubist prints, the colors pop, small trapeze dresses and babies , we really wonder if the sticky white will resurface, too.

The 70's

The years inspired hippies, season after season. Less baba-cool, more controlled, more urban but also much more glamorous in its colors and materials. The seventies result in long coats edged with fur, ensembles suit- pants flare velvet, satin blouses, skirts and flared twelve o'clock those still in long dresses and gauzy psychedelic prints. A wide brimmed fedora eccentric and with a feather comes to perfect everything.

Chic sportswear

Sporty, retro, chic sportswear includes the codes of the genre. Diagonal colored, sub-sweaters, elastic waist, peg pants and vertical lines on the side. A wardrobe that is no longer reserved for ski resorts and is urbanising shots of shoes and leather and satin materials.


The English fashion neo-traditional returns. Classical pieces, trench coats in tweed, pants and blouses Scottish blousants, the look Kate Middleton will be emulated. Typically the look of the season if we pull toward the preppy with coats of arms on curved corduroy jackets, shirts with tiles and socks in his loafers with tassels. Not to mention his satchel bag of course.


Not completely white, but white nonetheless. The trend revolves around Ice shades of white superimposed to give the appearance of snow "dirty". Ok, this is not snow disfigured with mud, but the total look shades while trying to transcribe the different layers of snow. It's beautiful, it's soft like a polar bear cub. To book for the general winter.


Boy or girl? The androgynous look is pushed to the extreme. Tuxedo pantsuit, shirt, loafers or brogues, on some of the looks, impossible to see any mention of any femininity. The trend masculine / feminine meets perhaps a desire to blur the genres since the assertion of androgynous mannequins as Andrej Pejic or transsexuals as Lea T.

Black & white

The bi-color silhouettes will be honored. Talk of a white shirt and black pants, the addition is too bland, too easy. Instead we are treated to more complex mixtures with psychedelic prints or much wiser as the foot-cock. Both will give a chic and shifted at a time. Attention is no exception to the rule of the total look for it to work here, even in the accessories.

Native Americans

It piles up again for the western winter. Playing cowboys and Indians will still work. Just under jeans but always many printed Navajo , ethnic and graphics. The patterned pants will be a centerpiece of the directory. Other details; fringe poncho and extra-large. We will match this pattern with pieces of coarse mesh and sheepskins returned.


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