Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Sporty Chic: Just Shake Your Style This Spring-Summer 2012

The sporty chic: Just shake your style this spring-summer 2012

What is door to change, in this spring-summer 2012? Let us know that may sound late arrival of tennis tournaments in the open air, Olympic Games and other outdoor sports. No sesame to attend? It does not matter, you can still copy the look of the players and hostesses dressed in circumstance: The trend of "sport chic" is on all the windows and catalogs!

Divert sportswear reserved for our gym: the BABA

In terms of sporting look, we think very quickly to raw materials and fluids sweat. How to mix sporty and feminine?

B.A.BA the sporty look: A structured jacket

In terms of sweater or blazer man, the key is the key to sobriety that balances the volume of the silhouette. Choose a top neckline to highlight your bust.

Striped gray blazer
Blazer cut off, with the original collar female


B.A.BA the sporty look: a broad component

Sportswear does not necessarily mean "not feminine". The tank top can be wide and female, if it has spaghetti straps, a slight transparency, an open collar. If you prefer a more flattering top, opt for a wide shorts, harem pants or a fluid.

Bermuda-shorts with wide legs and claws

Harem pants dark blue fluid
Fluid racerback tank top, very feminine and perfect for summer
Red tank top with buttons for a casual chic fluid

B.A.BA the sporty look: we all feminized

In addition to the neckline of a top fluid, an attempt to feminize the sporty look with codes borrowed from the gentler activities: a dancer's bun looks perfectly adapted harem pants - suit jacket and shoes.

Dare pleated skirt, knee length, for the female backspin

Very pretty shoes, we choose the flanges very thin for a port charge
Compensated for a comfortable and casual women's side

Codes taken from the colors of the 80

Apart from the freedom of the volume, making the total look with sport, we adopt codes of some 80-90 years to embellish the look with the spring-summer 2012 trend: bright colors, some pastel T-shirts short, a hair band ... the dream of years musically prolific and colorful sets.


Color spring-summer 2012: The bright yellow

Daniel Hechter has quickly understood, the bright yellow of the late 80's back and hits a big knock on the door of trends. It blends easily with the beige, white and gray.

Yellow tank top, to associate with a gray harem pants and sandals

They snatched the pastel colors of spring-summer collection 2012

Besides the neon, pastel colors, which invaded the spring-summer collection 2012, appear even on a sporty, by keys.

Light brown lace top

The t-shirts and polo shirts short watch sports

Unavoidable in this special selection polo sport, with each day of a woman on a daily charge, who wants a nice cut on a comfortable material.

White polo shirt collar buttoned simple

T-shirts chics superpose

Bling accessories (shown in color)

The appearance of rubber and very fashionable frills, back, and particularly for our wrists. These colorful watches give a retro '80s particularly charming!


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