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Givenchy Boots Gaiters - Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends - Givenchy Boots Gaiters

Atypical and subtle sportswear, boots, gaiters imagined for winter 2013 by Riccardo Tisci likely to provoke the enthusiasm of aspiring muses Tommy Ton. Qu'épurées as recognizable and easy going, they have indeed all of the ultimate accessory ...

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Having sketched a first draft during his haute couture autumn / winter 2008-2009, and have delivered a version perfectly accomplished during his opus Pre-Fall 2012, Riccardo Tisci has finally decided to make the boot gaiter-highlight "shoesesque" of his autumn / winter 2012-2013.

Most often worked in pairs of colors or materials, the latter - unlike its predecessors - the gimmick gaiter totally assimilated to the point of no longer forming today a single entity.

Available in matte calf or foal, boots, gaiters winter 2013 also are available as two models, one wearing a leather thong at the knee (to generate a "leg effect") the other is declining more classical mode (in practice, it is preferably on the latter which should be discarded his heart).
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The question is which of these boots sham for urban riders Givenchy (which ideally will join a neo-undressed, an asymmetrical skirt or skinny jeans slightly torn) or Isabel Marant boots (which will do wonders with a sweater dress, a miniskirt or a corolla slim 7/8) won the most votes among the lucky ones who can afford one of these two irresistible fashion treats. The match will be tight ...


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