Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Paco Gil Summer 2012

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Summer Shoes 2012 Paco Gil

Paco Gil is one of the best known firms in the atmosphere of fashion design and is for that reason, we wanted to give here a brief overview of what will be his summer collection 2012, which by the way, is now in stores and promises to surprise the public as it is called "Mediterranean breeze".
Thinking of that name, we can imagine shoes fresh, we invite you to enjoy this wonderful air so soft that rises in the afternoon on the east coast of Spain, which brings us the smells of the sea and we calmly to the extreme heat.

And you could say that the collection has much to do with it, since the vast majority are open trends, type sandal or similar models, which also offered a wide range of colors and patterns, that are worth taking into account . A case seen in repeated patterns, is the type python print.
Then the materials change systematically seeking to convince every woman, that the brand has a model for her. Laminating, metallic colors, leather, velvet, false crochet, among many others are left to see, in this vast collection, which has nothing to envy to any other that we have seen so far.


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