Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Fashion 2013

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New : Summer Fashion 2013

If the fashion for summer 2012 is causing a furor, because then not you can resist go see some of the most important fashion trends of the 2013 summer. Below we share them with you, so you go doing an idea of what is to come.
On the cover, we wanted to put two magnificent trends, reflecting two distinct lines. The first focuses on a style chic rocker that mixes leather jackets, with loose blouses and skirts fine, while the second is a more rustic trend, that bets to the nude and craft fabrics.

One of the trends that we have more fun finding and we believe that it can get you much "juice", will be used blouses with landscapes, which are lost in colors, which are then still in skirts or shorts.
The classic floral segment, will be present, like every year, while introducing new ways to convey the beauty of the nature. It is even common to find trends floral, mixed with other garments with ethnic prints.
The Safari Chic segment, will find a place for many women who seek dress elegant, beautiful, romantic and distinguished.
For work clothing, options that stand out, provide a magnificent characterization of womanhood, at the same time who manage to highlight the woman without using strong colours.
For what regards to dresses, you will find that the fashion of middle of last century, reappears, offering short dresses and long, with the typical designs of the era, in fresh and soft colors.


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