Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zara Fashion Summer 2012

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Colection Zara Fashion Summer 2012

As we know, Zara is a brand that is constantly releasing new catalogs, lookbooks and others, that in every age and every month of the year, there is a set of trends that can be tailored to the needs of each of its clients. This time we will see a small segment of the fashion proposed for summer 2012.
Specifically, all the clothes we're seeing here, belong to lookbook June, which is presented as an option for young women who like to dress discreetly, but trendy and every so often, give little flashes of sensuality.

The target is proposed as the basis for most combinations, either in blouses, shorts, skirts and even some jerseys or tissues in crochet. The most attractive accessories for these costumes, ethnic jackets will (cover) or denim jackets, which this year include, embellishments like rhinestones or other.

However, the dose of color does not end there, there are a large segment, which clings to tight dresses, and then various sets, which revolve around the red and the different tones you can get from it.
Any other style available, will be the animal print, or the hippie chic style baggy pants, tight tops that with will be one of the revelations of the summer.
But certainly the segment we like, is to dress for parties, where the most sexy and provocative look is the short skirt, blouse and leather jacket biker style.


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