Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guess Watches 2012

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New : Guess Watches 2012

Among the accessories that many people can not resist not to have, are the watches, as they always have been some chance of showing the level of a person, besides the designs often speak of the personality of the wearer. If we add the style and quality brands such as Guess, for then we are dealing with nothing more and nothing less than a magnificent collection of watches 2012 season.
And we put these two specific models on the cover, by the growing tendency of Guess, from young to retain customers, starting with a sophisticated model, but with a dose of youth and then over the years, provide a more in tune, ideal for men or women.

Metallic silver, models are the classic hallmark of brand, emphasizing the combination of contemporary designs, with the use of numbering systems in numbers is common, but you can also find some other systems with Visual variations, but equally understandable and sophisticated as any other.
2012 Fashion however, opens way to a very interesting, with some vintage air segment, as it is the case of the model on an earth tone, which adds a look mature, ideal to combine with Brown suits, beige, or combinations of both.
To view the complete catalog with all new models, visit Guess.


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