Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 Prom Dresses Style Peplum

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2012 Peplum Style Cocktail Dresses

If there is a trend that is clear this season is that of the Peplum, since it is an item that has come with a lot of strength this season in the collections of the leading brands and designers from the world of fashion today. And as for cocktail dresses have become a major leading roles, so much so that today we wanted to introduce several variants of this type of dresses that emphasize this detail that was so popular in the 80's.

So much so the magnitude of the popularity of this element in cocktail dresses, we find that both proposals as well as mini dresses to maxi dresses, as you can see in the photos below we present.

In addition to that present in both minimalist version as well as much more voluminous versions and exaggerated, which is ideal for all we might opt ​​for this trend in a style that does not conflict with the way we look and feel.

In the various firms can find these lovely dresses in both solid colors, as well as in bold prints and even transparencies.


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