Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stradivarius Summer 2012

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Stradivarius Summer 2012 Catalog

Stradivarius and extremely dynamic, and we have submitted for this month that has just started a new women's clothing catalog for summer season 2012, within which we can find variety, design, innovation and trends.
Since as is already the signature feature of this season we also offers designs that are trend but at the same time not lose the personality of the firm, both of which are sometimes hard to achieve, and which the public chooses and re-elected for signature every season.

In addition to being mainly basic and versatile models will be easy to make them compatible with our style, no matter what, because in the catalog are all kinds of shorts, skirts, dresses, blouses and jackets.

Although space is also given very successful using combinations of fabrics including fashion this season, most notably in lace and leather, without forgetting that the very denim that although accustomed to see season after season, this time also in the podium, emphasizing mainly the version worn.

As for colors, Stradivarius once again shows that there is no need to use all the extensive palette to distinguish, because this time you choose for your collection, lots of white, some black, different shades of denim blue and a brown note.


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