Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mango Fashion Summer 2012

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Mango Fashion Summer 2012 Campaign

There are brands that follow fashion trends, while there are others who are responsible for imposing them season after season, which is showing the way forward. A clear example of this last, is Mango. And if you want to know what will be fashionable in the summer 2012, here we provide many of the trends, as Mango.

The first segment we're going to try is a true delight of combinations of very fine costumes, with great style and great distinction, with great use of white, earth tones and raw. The crochet is also present here, accompanying gently, while accessories, shoes and handbags can be found by following a clear trend paperback.
The segment begins at a corner, where it emphasizes the use of white trousers and blouses and supplemented with denim that will be present in jackets, shirts, pants and everything you can imagine. Heels, ribbons and other accessories, may be kept in wood tones, contrasting.
These same ideas can be changed quickly, adding a dose of color and elegance through these shirts and muscular wire, with transparencies and textured, adding life to the image, but also show her soft and smooth, as the delicacy of every woman.
Vintage fashion will have their space, through joint navy and white, cuts and designs, very typical of mid-century.
But if you do not like about this woman's profile and prefers a more relaxed with less need to be arranged with extra because with a colorful shirt and a skinny or short, and is perfectly comfortable, then he should take a look at then sets.


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