Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swimsuits For Summer 2012 Men Calzedonia

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New : Swimsuits For Summer 2012 Men Calzedonia

The prestigious Italian firm Calzedonia, has presented to the Summer 2012 season in their collections, a very special swimsuits for men, which stands out as possessing a unique style, which is achieved through cuts clean and nice though sober color scheme.
As for designs that clearly stand out this season, according to the pictures in this catalog and that of many other firms, is the classic bermuda high above the knee shorts.

Although Boxer lovers can benefit form the odd proposal, but clearly are not dominating the collection.

Regarding the style that inspired the collection, it seems clear the very eighties retro touch, which mainly inspired swimsuits like "Rocky". In which we find here in basic colors like white, green, black or blue and white combinations.

To see all the details of this beautiful collection of swimwear for men are invited to see all the pictures then let them which are part of the new catalog Calzedonia for summer season 2012.


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