Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer 2012 Beachwear Benetton

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Beachwear Benetton Summer 2012

Benetton always delights us with each of his seasons as a brand achieves little, do a lot. Rarely seen in a collection, any trend or intricate design focused on materials, but on the contrary, the vitality of the line always is achieved through colors and combinations that you use, to achieve each of their garments. Let's see the best clothes for Beach summer 2012.
It is really amazing how designs would appear to be the same as we used when we were girls, but yet they are so intense color mixtures and which both transmit, manage to create an exquisite picture of who wears, whether the swimsuit, bikini or any other piece of beach.

However, it is worth noting that this time the line is influenced by ethnic flashes her summer collection, including many printed fabric in sundresses, which can be used perfectly as a mat on the sand to bed or well as a hat, the style Arabic, for a walk in the sun.

In a few pictures, we can also appreciate some swimwear for men, distinguished for having cut short, most of them, as well as being adjusted to the leg.


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