Monday, May 14, 2012

Lip Fashion 2012

Hot Fashion Trends

Lip Makeup Fashion 2012

Jessica Alba
Lips are one of the central points of the makeup, as strongly changed the look of our face, and is for this reason that it is vital to know the main hot fashion trends each season to apply makeup and is a success. To that end it is that today we present in the hands of some of the most important celebrities of the time trends in makeup for lips 2012.
Kate Bosworth
As you will see a successful makeup this season may simply carry lipstick in shades like plum, wine, burgundy or chocolate brown tones on both matte or lip full of glitz and glamor, a trend that is especially recommended for women lips thin or thick, and may not be as favorable to women's lips were, although there are exceptions, so all we can test this trend beyond us to play with it or not.

Being a makeup trend especially recommended for women daring, sexy and always enjoy going according to the last steps of fashion.
Lana Del Rey
Camilla Belle
Rooney Mara


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