Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer 2012 Pants Side Stripe Style

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Pants Summer 2012 Style Side Stripe

Seasons fashion had rejected options of clothing, people associated with little glamorous things, but finally, designers have managed to give at the point, finding a finer side to this trend and probably among the 2012 Summer and early autumn, nights pants style Side Stripe will give a great leap in all shops of the region.

Perhaps the fact of finding ourselves in an era where the retro gains ground every day, has contributed to create a space, so pants with a stripe on the sides, can at least have a chance to demonstrate everything what can give.
What good is this trend, is that it is has sought to demonstrate, adaptable which is the different textures, as well as the different environments. From sweatpants, skinnies, pants Office, jeans and even pants semi formal, for a more casual look.
The black and the white, are two of the most commonly used combinations, but soon there will be much more interesting ideas, like skinnies red with white stripe. In addition, in models as the cover, the combination is black with a blue France, which in turn are accompanied by a sort of belt of ankles, to adjust them at the bottom, with a modern accessory, which is taking its first steps in the world of fashion and seems that it has come to stay.
Finally, worth noting, that the fineness of the design is given by the width of the line, being the widest, the least attractive, while those who use thin lines (of a few centimeters), reap the best results.


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