Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Makeup Trends 2012 : Coral Blush

The desire to always be with a tone in the face with a touch of summer, has led many women to seek the perfect blush color, to give your image a permanent flushed air, which of course is much nicer to see a face discolored by the cold winter months. If you are in that situation, then we invite you to see some of the best makeup trends in 2012 : the coral blush.

The color coral is an intermediate difficult to distinguish between salmon and a soft orange. This dye, is the hand that needs all cheekbone, to be improved dramatically, contrasting color that took yellow in winter, with a simulated sun tan, warning that spring is on the surface.
A widely used application is to narrow the facial structure, through coral blush on the cheekbones placed in a "V".
Sometimes, it even imperceptible, but we can assure that when the next day look without it, understood it was not as well.
For the girls hair, worth trying to emphasize that luminosity, with a small excess of flushing in the face, creating a very interesting picture. Be careful not to go the other way with the amount and end up being a disaster.
Among the other options we then see that the common tendency is to seek to provide the woman's face, a look more romantic, sensitive and angelic. Each one, according to the characteristics of its features, you know where to apply makeup, so they simply provide a few examples to inspire then do it for yourself.


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