Sunday, May 20, 2012

H & M Fall Winter 2012 2013

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Catalog : H & M Fall Winter 2012 2013

While some think pure and absolutely in the summer, others are long ago, creating and projecting for the next autumn winter 2012 2013. The latter case is that of H & M, a few days ago gave a preview of his next catalog, facing the cold season.
As you can see from now, the brand has taken advantage of the fact that in winter we tend to use less colorful clothes, to focus their attention on another important point: design. The extravagance is seen in each piece, which blends the excess, the constant addition of details, textures and different patterns, looking only, visually decorate the big picture.

The use of gold will be in multiple sets, either in addition or as a main color of clothing. Of course, this second option is only for parties or galas.
A very striking look is looking to mix a bit of a dress or skirt formal with leather jackets and caps sporting colors, the style hockey.
But do not worry if you feel in tune with any of these trends, because the brand always think of the woman who likes classic, understated but elegant and above all class.


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