Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Miss Sixty Summer 2012

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Miss Sixty Summer 2012 Catalog

Few catalogs have made for this summer season 2012, a combination that has made Miss Sixty, where any woman can find at least one set that fascinates you, as they have had absolutely every trend this and she has managed to make it better to express it in different segments that we will see.
And the cover and tells us much about it, because on one hand we find a girl dressed in denim, which feeds one of the lines of the brand, which will make the biggest stir among women and among men who will go out for them. For its part the second, involving all sets that are used as main color, the Tangerine Tango, which as we know, is the color of summer.
Contrasted to the denim fashion, it will be a segment of urban fashion, typical of the summer, with all kinds of skirts, shorts, blouses, sandals, boots, modern prints and accessories for every taste.
denim and the flower will have their rightful place, they are also an essential part of all summer collection.
Work dress and party dress, you will find fresh trends, which provide the swing the heat and the smell of holiday, which begins to dominate the air.
Finally, Oxford pants, will again be fashionable to the length and breadth of the region, focusing in the first instance, in fresh, ideal fabrics for the warmer months.


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