Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

Hot Fashion Trends

Dresses Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

This spring summer 2012 fashion trends for dresses in bold prints, vibrant designs and colors that attract the attention of anyone who sees them. account everything about this trend in fashionable dresses of primary interest to all those who are now beginning to feel the warmth.

Trends 2012  Printed Dresses !


The latest from the last of this summer are primeravera Asos dresses, a collection that plays with the flowers, animal print, polka dots and even geometric, both short dresses as long to the ankles, flared or type tube. Something for everyone !

The Latest in Prints

The collection is inspired by the prints of  Prada. Use and abuse of bright colors of all shades, patterns such as flowers or super fresh tropical fruits. For those with a more sober, the proposal continues with geometric shapes, small spots or animal print as repeating patterns.

Floral Dresses 2012

This trend 2012 in print dresses suit all styles. For more childish women are flowers in pastel shades of pink and blue for those who have a fresh look, dress with large flowers or leaves are perfect.

There are also dark backgrounds, black or navy blue with small flowers scattered on the fabric giving the elegant dresses and dress fresh all spring summer needs.

Animal Print Never Goes Fashion

Animal print is not far behind, comes more renewed than ever with new pictures of animals on both striking and sober colours. As well as of show prints in brown or gray.

The most daring dresses play with huge spots of cats, patterns of snake skin in different colors, neon, and even beautiful peacocks zebra stripes.

Innovative Geometric Patterns

Geometric prints is one of the great innovations of the trend in dresses 2012 of collections spring/summer. The repetition of patterns has no limits; moles, lying rhombuses, drawings that appear to be made by hand, blend between stripes and diamonds of different thicknesses to sequences of vertigionosas stairs.
And as if that were not enough, the variants do not exclude the shapes of the dresses. Minis, long remerones, three quarts sleeves, necklines sports, tube dresses to the knee ... Finally, there are hundreds of combinations of shapes, colors and patterns that hold the most beautiful prints of this 2012 season.


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