Sunday, May 6, 2012

Victoria Beckham's Short Hairstyles
Hairstyles and haircuts are always considered as the most essential element to bring a different but stylish and smart look in approach, expression, attitude and personality of any and women around the world. Victoria Beckham is an English fashion designer. As a style icon, she is well known for her new and interesting hairstyles. Victoria Beckham hairstyles 2012 are really hot and popular! We have seen Victoria Beckham to have many different kinds and types of hairstyles and haircuts in many different times. Short Victoria Beckham hair is one such trend and hairstyle that has been adopted by thousands of women around the world.

What kind of short haircut is hot in this year? Of course it is short pixie haircut! One of the most popular pixie haircuts was worn by Victoria Beckham, and is the definition of stylish short hair. So, we will show you some hot pixie hair photos from Victoria Beckham.

Get her look: If your hair is wavy or coarse, smooth it out with a round brush and a finishing lotion. Or use a flat iron and pull the pieces forward to get the face-framing effect. Define the pixie look with a texture paste.

Former Spice Girls didn't want to hide the changes.This haircut asymmetric with the back just below the neck and chest nearly touches the front, and curly texture. This haircut makes Victoria Beckham look fresher and younger, but not as stiff as the previous hairstyle.

Get her look: Make an asymmetric short bob hairstyle firstly. Curl your hair of the head and back. Secure it with some hair spray. It is very easy!

This style works best if you have razor-sharp features like Posh. Victoria Beckham gives her short layered cut a sexily edgy look with lots of texture and a disheveled finish.

Get her look: Spread wax evenly between palms and style with your fingers to create pixie texture. Scrunch for a messy finish.


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