Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fashion T-Shirts 2012

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Fashion T-Shirts 2012 Lace

Summer 2012 is just around the corner and with it, lots of trends that will leave behind the year and welcome to the beach and the evening entertainment. To look great in them and as sensuality, could use one of the fashion trends that will be present, such as T-shirts with lace.
The vintage models are the most sought for their glamor and delicate image generated from the woman, offering more finesse and less transparent. It will be ideal to use white shirts, which are contrasted with skirts or shorts in strong colors.

But also options will see more modern, suggestive, with transparent, as is the case that could be combined with denim shorts, with a few cuts.
Also with long skirts of the garments will be best achieved, as both pieces follow the same idea, mixing retro and modern.
For something sophisticated but at the same time discreet, should simply accompany it with a pair of jeans, skinny cut, providing a simple picture, discreet, but very tasteful.
A very cool look, she could do, would be to use denim or faded floral prints, lace shirt and leather jacket.


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