Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nail Fashion 2012

Nail Fashion Trends

Fashion Color For Nail 2012

If there is something for which women have weakness, is by the nails, because we like to be permanently in the game paint them, remove them, return them to paint and so in this thread does not break. But also it's worth noting that the same are the difference when it comes to fix us and put us pretty for an evening. Let's see what the colors for nails that will become nail fashion 2012.

And answer that only a few colors will be used, he would lie, although Yes, it could be argued, that there will be a wide gap that will be used more frequently than others. Specifically for this year, and above all for the summer, the colors that are being used, will be the cake, because they give color to make a difference, but at the same time they are mild, staying in the reigning vintage style.

The celestial, turquoise, cream, very soft, pale pink orange, green jade, among others, will be some of the colors that most will be seen this season.
Of course, there are those who prefer the more natural aspects, betting on the nude, as in the case of Princess Kate Middleton, or even Jennifer Lopez, who just gave a lacquered touch to the nail, which then involved with a darker tinge at the tips, generating a truly fascinating image.
It is worth noting that many earth tones will be present and also the different ranges of gold, highlighting the antique gold.


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