Friday, May 18, 2012

Zara Women Clothing 2012

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Zara Women Summer 2012

Following trends of summer, which will flood the stores in just a few days, is that this time we want to show a segment of the Zara clothing for women, which will be available for summer 2012.
We chose this specific line, because only show trends casual and semi formal, ideal for every day during the summer, either vacationing or continue working. They are fresh, sympathetic, discreet but delicate and beautiful clothes. Another point to highlight is its convenience, since almost the entire collection points to emphasize comfort, above the sensuality.

Thus, the use of white with denim, is what more can be seen, although you can also find some options in black, blue, raw tones and some another. The crochet and lace, adorn bags of summer and blouses, while cowboy pants, will follow suit cut man loose and several cuts on his clothing.
May still find some ethnic flare, through patterned skirts and shorts Inca that add color and hardiness dose, both by the image they create, as the textures he uses.
Finally the shirts also make an important place in the collection, particularly those with printed navy, light blue and white.


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