Saturday, May 12, 2012

H & M Clothing Summer 2012

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Clothing Youth Summer 2012 for H & M

If there is a firm that knows what his audience wants that clearly is the fashion brand Swedish H & M, and this time through his collection youth for summer 2012 again give ample evidence of this, because here we can find all kinds of modern clothes, in colors, patterns and designs that are all the rage among the young.
As well as offering sets will be casual and full of style, has all the basic items that can not lack in female wardrobe for the summer, as is the case with mini shorts, fresh dresses, skirts, overalls (protagonist of fashion garment current), T-shirts, jeans, looking relaxed and very light, blazers or to protect the fresh sea breeze in the night falls and the inevitable bikinis.

As for colors, as you can see, H & M chooses a very small sector of the wide range of colors is available to give life to this collection, proving once again that with the talent that is characteristic of the company easily could create highly stylish designs with few resources. You simply choose colors like blue, red, green and white.

The patterns in turn also stand out as very simple and minimalist.


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