Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer Updo Prom Hairstyles
The hottest updo prom hairstyles for summer are really undone looks that are simply pulled up and off your neck and shoulders. The great thing about this summer’s updos are that you can turn a more casual hairstyle into something that looks elegant and chic or messy and undone whatever the circumstances dictate. How cool it is. Here are some updo prom hairstyles that any fashionist should be able to style easily at home:

The messy updo like this one of “High School Musical” is quick and easy for summer hair. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, or wavy hair, now is the time to give your flat-iron a rest. Messy updos like this one suggests working with your hair instead of fighting it.

To bring out the curl, apply a styling cream or gel throughout damp hair and then comb through with a wide tooth comb.Then, you can scrunch and twist strands into beautiful bouncy curls. Pull the front section of your hair back and pin right at the front of your crown, then pull the rest of your hair up into a ponytail. You can pin sections of your hair up and around the base of the ponytail, giving this messy updo hairstyle, great dimension.

Updo Hairstyles Like Jennifer’s is Messy Yet Elegant! Jennifer Lopez, always in fashion has also jumped on the messy updo bandwagon. Her version of the messy updo hairstyle is doable for all hair types.

If you want this look, start with clean, dry hair. Section your hair into three parts: a horizontal section from temple to temple, another horizontal section from the ear to ear and then a third section with the rest. Pull each section back one at a time and secure each one with crisscrossed bobby pins. Let your shorter pieces fall out naturally because this look is very relaxed and casual.

This summer’s updo hairstyle trend is very laid back. Headbands are hot this season, so pairing a headband with your messy summer updo hairstyle look is even hotter! This is a super easy style to pull off, simply pull your hair back into a bun at the crown of your head and slip on a headband to get this look. What’s best is that the hairstyle took less than sixty seconds to style!

All of these messy summer updo hairstyles reflect the time of the season and are great to try out this summer.If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest in hairstyles, Jennifer Lopez’s hairstyle is the most simple to do and looks great on just about everyone.


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