Monday, April 9, 2012

Side Hairstyles for Prom
Reasons to be cheerful, seriously! When it comes to prom, every woman wants to look beautiful and trendy in this event. Side hairstyles are one of the easiest funky hairstyles that can be done within a few minutes and it is perfect for not only casual events but also formal, prom, wedding or functions. The prom hairstyles depend upon the length of hair.

Have a short haircut? That has longer layers on top, with the sides and back tapered close to the head. Start by creating some bouncy curls in your hair by using hair rollers or a curling iron. You can curl them outwards from the head rather than inwards. After your curls are perfected, create a deep side hair part that will sweep dramatically over your face, and spray into place.

If you have medium, simply pin your hair back in a French roll or bun, and leave some face framing layers out as Meagan has done. From the front, it will look exactly the same! Medium hairstyles can be very comfortable. Medium Hairstyles suit people with round face. Besides, you can effortlessly style them into different forms to look outstanding in every casual event. Here are a few medium hairstyles that can be worn in casual events and suit almost every face shape.

Long hair can be styled into a heavy bun decorated with various accessories. To achieve side bun updo, first of all you need to apply hairspray evenly all over the head. Make a side part and then use a hair brush to pull all the hair backwards following the part line. Gather the hair at the back of the head to make a ponytail and secure it with elastic that matches with your hair shade. Now, wrap the hanging tail around the base of the ponytail into a bun. Finally, give finishing to the hairstyle with a shining hair spray.


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