Saturday, April 14, 2012

Camper Shoes Summer 2012

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Camper Shoes Summer 2012

Following the presentation of different collections of shoes, sandals and heels for summer season 2012 is that this time is the turn of Camper, which brings us the best of your catalog, below.
The constant search to find the contrast is what makes the marks are distinct, since in this way, they manage to cover more women with very different tastes. These two models are a clear example of this.

Wedges take a role in this line in point, since the vast majority of the catalog focuses on medium sized wedges, but with a height quite similar for the entire foot, making it that way, add height to the woman without having to wear heels, which as we know, are very bad for your back.

But then, all we always look a little more splendid than the others, so eventually opting for a heel end, for use on outings, such as parties and galas, where the striking image is essential.

Regarding the rest of the collection, we can say that we are facing a very focused segment, classic, committed to the woman who does not like to get away with the rules, which prefers the safe and simple, and not that new, you can not go with it.


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