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How to combine pants Mint Green

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How To Combine Pants Mint Green

The Green Mint is color of the season by far. I see him everywhere; in the wardrobes of my friends, the women that I crossed the street and through the web sites of the more fashionistas. And I never tire of seeing it!

It is a beautiful color that deserves to be fashionable. A garment where more is present this color is in the pants, especially jeans.

While some bills to have one together, I share with you some tips on how to combine pants green Mint to inspire us to use them. Sign them up! Sooner or later you also want to continue this trend.

Tips for combining pants Mint Green

With Mint Green

Not all monochromatic looks fit. However, the mint green color is fresh, delicate, which can perfectly combine with another garment the same color or the like without the outfit look too loaded or without grace.

The monochromatic look is youthful in mint green, relaxed. It seems ideal for spring summer! To test the presence of this color, you can use accessories and shoes in black.

With Gold

The combination of mint green and gold is visually very attractive. A purity and delicacy of green, gold adds style and glamor. How to integrate the gold? The easiest and safest option is through accessories.

With White

White is a color that goes well with wild all! So impossible to leave out of this list. A mint green pants with a shirt, blouse, sweater or blazer in white is a perfect combination. A tip? For a night look, add a touch of gold which we discussed above.

With Cakes

Pastel colors are in fashion. In fact, the mint green is itself a pastel color, but you can also find more intense colors. For a daytime look super feminine, my option is to combine mint green pants with a garment soft pink or salmon.

With Gray

I love the gray! After the white and black, is another wildcard Color goes well with almost any color. If you want a more sober look a little off, a gray jersey or shirt are great items to combine with jeans in mint green.


One of the patterns that may accompany your pants are horizontal stripes mint. Take the pattern to include more intense colors like red, or black.

With Black

We could not finish these fashion tips without mentioning the black, the classic of classics. The black color is suitable for generating a contrast with the green mint. May be present in an outfit through shoes, jackets blazer or leather.

Mint Green Pants

Here are some more options on how to use mint green pants. Click on the photos to see larger.

Which of these looks do you prefer ?

Cómo combinar pantalones verde menta5.jpgCómo combinar pantalones verde menta6.jpgCómo combinar pantalones verde menta7.jpgCómo combinar pantalones verde menta9.jpgCómo combinar pantalones verde menta_8.jpgCómo combinar pantalones verde menta_blanco5.jpegCómo combinar pantalones verde menta_blanco4.jpgCómo combinar pantalones verde menta_blanco3.png


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