Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fashion Fall Winter 2012 2013

Hot New Fashion Trends

Fashion Fall Winter 2012 2013

From the hand of one of the largest specialists have as a model of fashion, Trendshop, we present some of the most important female trends for autumn winter 2012 2013.

Oriental Style :

The Eastern style comes in the autumn winter 2012 2013 with a force truly undeniable, as it not only cuts inspired many of the garments, but also manifests itself through colors, prints and embroideries. As the satin fabrics, metallic tones and floral prints, the print, dragons and peacocks become commonplace in the most prestigious collections.

Strong Commitment by The Color of Red Wine :

These shades come to give the clothes one of the biggest highlights of sensuality and softness, which allows us to go this season highly harmonic ensemble.

Prints and More Prints :

The prints will undoubtedly clearly mark the path of fashion, this season also, as you can see them boldly combined in all sorts of garments. And the kaleidoscopic arabesques or figures will no doubt be the most popular, as this season goes from perfectly geometric figures.

Warm Colors :

Shades such as are oranges, pinks, yellows and corals come to give freshness and warmth also impose the coldest days of the 2012 2013 season. And thanks to the enormous versatility of the owners who are able to incorporate into endless looks for day by day as well as for major events.


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