Saturday, April 28, 2012

How To Use Neon Colors

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How To Use Neon Colors

The neon color is fashionable, Yes. But encourage us : is very difficult to combine, in particular, if you use Classic colors and different patterns. You calm! Today I will comment some very interesting tips on how to use neon colors.

They are suggestions to bear in mind before look very striking and bold hue. Just need a little courage : something neon any look can be really great. Take a look at these ideas!

Where To Use Neon ?


If you wear shoes neon, best thing is to opt for a completely black look. You must be a true lady in black until the last hair. It is a very simple and effective highlight footwear and ensure that all eyes focus way where there is brightness.

The nails are another way to wear neon shades. In them we can look so attractive and eye-catching colors as you want. They can be combined with any garment of clothing that is used and no doubt also can wear a color very bright neon!


The idea is to encourage to look much color on the lips and show a truly extravagant makeup. For the night is perfect!


You can be more flexible. It is not necessary to wear a completely black look to highlight the accessory, especially when it comes to handbags. You can cheer with a little white, salmon and even orange. These colors will go perfectly with any tone neon you prefer to use.


With courage you can also use neon in the pants : for the night, for the day it doesn't matter! Knowing how to combine them can be really wonderful. That Yes, I recommend that you use pants skinnies and questioned jean if possible. To achieve a more pleasing appearance and provide a more comfortable texture.


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