Monday, April 30, 2012

Trendy 2012 Peacock Blue

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Trendy 2012 Peacock Blue

The peacock blue  is literally translated into Spanish as "peacock". This animal marked a trend in designs on the runways and now appears with its own color. The tone is more than striking, with a palette that can vary in degrees of intensity. It is one of the trendy colors 2012.

Experts describe it as blue tinged with a touch of green, perfect for any season. Let us see what items you have selected for you.


Silk has begun to be a must-have of 2012. The high cut legs and elephant make your look has a retro twist, typical of the 70. My recommendation is that you use for work or attending a cocktail with friends. How to combine? Faci, just pick a baggy shirt of neutral tones. The clear as ivory, white or cream you feel good.


We always need to have a formal alternative within the colors. If you approach a party in your life, you get a dress in this color to highlight trends and forget for a moment the dull black. Ideally, you dare to wear it without stockings, even the boldest dare to merge with patterned stockings and shoes, semi formal, obtaining a Gothic-modern look.


Again the high shot as a trend. Remember that if you take it to the waist, is best left to be relatively wide in the leg to avoid deforming the shape. I bet seems ideal for bright colors in the top, creating a costume rather than shocking. Where do you print your trademark? Easy, on your belt.


Speaking of belts we find the small details. As we know there are girls who do not dare to flooding of this color or that just do not feel well, we also added subtle touches. If you wonder how to include this accessory is that you really have no imagination. Believe me it is more combinable than you think. Classic Jeans, white t r, there is always an option.


Another great accessory is this beautiful pendant. Have scheduled a wedding ? I know that you dare to transgress because you're more classical type, therefore, to have that dress in your closet you can add a touch only with this trendy necklace. A secret? Feel perfect girls with light eyes.


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