Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Men's Fashion Spring Summer 2012

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Men's Fashion Spring Summer 2012

While living and the time of spring and summer would not be bad to know what the fashion trends for men, they will have greater impact on the 2012 beach season. Many of them, we are pleased to have them here and to present them below.

The general theme of all sets, revolves around a contemporary man, who makes a figure different from the one used to see as much focus on work clothing layers, offering straight-cut pants, to be made by cigarette below the knee, adding a rough appearance. The same will happen in the forearm of jerseys and sweaters.

The striped shirts or large geometric figures again be present in a somewhat retro style, which is undoubtedly part of the vintage look is in fashion today.

The open-necked shirts will also set trends. There will be large variations in other years, as in the smooth models is where the best result is achieved and there will point to the collection.
The denim shorts are the rage, especially for their appearance before the knees, tight, rolled up and bright colors.
If you are willing to draw attention in any way possible, then he should look at some of the tendencies then seeking to break with the classical schemes and incorporate things so rarely seen in men's clothing, such as flowers and pants type slipper .
Finally, speaking of bathing suits and flowers, you can find this trend, very masculine, short shorts, ideal for a sleek, sexy and masculine chic.


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