Saturday, April 7, 2012

Using Red Pants

Hot New Fashion Trends

Using Red Pants

The red jeans are very fashionable these days is that the runway has been proposed as the bright colors of the latest fashion trends. In this case, we propose to hold on to this trend by creating different styles from a single garment.

Then we learn how to using red pants, you can decide yourself what you feel most comfortable look. Do not waste time, Hot New Fashion Trends has many tips for you.

Black Blazer

We talked about the black blazer as one of the best options for casual and formal wear at a time. Is that they are all the rage among urban women seeking to maintain a line in their trendy clothes. Combining it with red jeans and a white, simple, can help keep this informality to hold both young girls. What feet? The model of your choice, you must ensure that it is only in black.

White Shirt Buttoned

You can lose a little intensity that produces a red jean with a baggy shirt, buttoned in front. When we speak of wearing neutral whites undoubtedly take center stage. It is also an option to be cool and trendy, perfectly combinable with any other type of pants or skirts.

Leather Jacket

If you want to work in a chic rock image but you can try a black leather jacket. How supplement? Easy on the feet about Converse, in terms of t-shirt tries with some simple formatting and lanky, with the image of a rock band. To complete the look test a few accessories in black, studded or hairpins.

Striped Shirt

To create a marine style, see that your shirt stays stripes in shades of white and blue. They can be tight to the body to combine with stilettos or parts for black ballet slippers. No effort! You can not complain.

Animal Print

In previous photos we saw Nicky Hilton daring to incorporate animal print on a portfolio basis accessory. Today's proposal is a bit more daring. While we accept their belts, scarves and sweaters to supplement, it is best to venture to a strong tendency coat check.


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