Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Add Color to Winter

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How to Add Color to Winter

Winter is cold and dull, so ... Why not give it some color ? So, incorporate a little color, style and design to raw winter days with some really awesome clothes.

My proposal today are some simple ideas. Simple yes, but really very effective if you know exactly apply. Skins, accessories, leggings, jeans ... There is much to think about! Be sure to follow these simplest of tips on how to add color to winter.

Color Skinny Jeans

The skinny colored jeans had their moment of raging, but that does not mean that when not in use. Winter is also great to show off basically. They can become the perfect piece to complement a coat or maybe something off the must if you are looking to draw attention wherever they walk. Do you want to enter into this idea ?

Leggings of Colors

Even more color ! Well, yes. And it never hurts, right? The idea is to use really colorful leggings, bold and striking well. Prints combine with dark or neutral tones garments will be no problem.

Ah! If you still looking for more, how about bring some color also in the bag ? Along with a warm fur hat. Do you think too? I think this look is worth everything New York.

Colored Accessories

If you do not bring yourself to take some of the trends that you previously mentioned, perhaps the odd colorful accessories are the solution you need to revive any outfit. Imagine then, a classic outfit, traditional for the town, but with a bright red envelope as the image. I was fascinated by the idea !


I am not in favor of the skins, especially if it is original skins. But I think I can make an exception in the case of artificial fur and a truly original design.

Anyway, this is also a New York look very innovative. Of course it goes without saying much, just need to admire the colorful velvet coat, the bright purse decorated with stones, the lovely warm hat and fox fur to realize that it is an outfit rather than innovative.


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