Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taylor Swift's Curly Prom Hairstyles

Usually girls who have curly hair want to have it straight, and the other way around to make funky hairstyles. In case you have a curly hair, be proud of it and stop complaining. Actually you get what you get, but you can change a bit what you get so it looks more nicely. Curly prom hairstyles can be done in different way like asymmetrical curly updos, side swept curly hairstyles and curly buns. You just have to choose the one you like the most.

Depending on your hair length, you can choose which haircut for curly hair fits best. Another thing you should think about is whether you want a fringe or not. A fringe changes your whole look. Usually the fringe is used if you have a large forehead to cover it, or if you want to make your eyes more mysterious. Taylor Swift has an amazing way of doing her curly hair, she always looks so pretty with that curly blond hair, it's like she's a cute little doll. Just take a look at Taylor Swift’s hairstyles for curly hair and you will think more about your hair than you did before.

It is good to see her updo hairstyles instead of just flowing down. She looks stunning in updo hairstyle and should stick to them for further red carpet events. So you’ve got curly hair, and you’re heading out to a fancy formal dance like prom or homecoming. Instead of heating up your flat iron, try out this curly updo hairstyle. Taylor Swift proves that curly hair may just be the best kind of hair for a prom! But if your hair is straight or slightly wavy, just use a medium-barrel curling iron to create curls all over.

Flowing curls is a cute prom hairdo that add charm to your personality. Just part your hair to side and let layers flipped around face for a gently feathered look. Side swept hairstyles are perfect for girls who like curls but not on top of head. For this look, just do a deep side part and pin hair to one side. If you don’t have curl naturally, for this look, just go for loose curl achieved with rollers and it’s done.

A chic bun can be worn casual or fancy and it is the perfect solution if you want to skip a wash. Hair bun looks stylish, they are simple to do. In the event you have long hair then buns are a icy way to style your hair in summer. Buns are also ideal for a bad hair day or lazy day. The best thing is that you can wear them with any casual or formal outfit to school, work, party in anytime of the day.
To make a chic bun, firstly start on clean hair. After shampooing, dry your hair using a big round brush to give volume. If you want your bun to be messy, curl your hair first. Then decide where you want to part your hair. If you have bangs just leave them loose on the sides or twist them and use bobby pins to tuck them behind your ear. Side part or center one both look very chic. Now, gather you hair in a ponytail with a brush. If you want your bun to be high you can keep the pony high. Tie with an elastic. Once you’ve created the ponytail now you’ll create the bun. Twist your ponytail enough until it naturally forms a bun. Depending on your choice, you can twist the ponytail gently for a loose bun or tight for a closed bun. Now you need to secure the twist. Grab a few bobby pins and push them in from the corners of bun to hold it. For a messy look, pull out few shorter strands from the bun. If there are any free hanging pieces, you can keep them or tuck them with bobby pins. Use hair spray on flyaway if needed. Finally, adorn your bun with fake flowers if you want like casual bun hairstyles.


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